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Investec strengthens Treasury team


Marc Krombach, who has 23 years’ experience in Guernsey’s finance industry, has moved to the position from Investec’s Financial Intermediaries Team. In his new role he will be responsible for Investec Bank’s asset and liability management in the Channel Islands.

‘Unlike many banks Investec has a completely autonomous, local treasury operation which brings significant benefits to our clients as it allows us quote prices direct from the markets without any other influencers,’ said Investec Bank (Channel Islands) Limited Managing Director Stephen Henry.

‘Marc has significant expertise and experience and has already proved himself to be a valuable member of Investec’s team and I have every confidence that in his new role as Head of Treasury, he will be instrumental in allowing our staff to continue serving our growing client base.’

Mr Krombach, who has lived in Guernsey since he was 10 years old, holds a diploma from the Association Cambiste International. In his previous role he was one of three liquidity raiser, which in eight years raised Investec’s deposit balances from £100m. to £1.6bn.

‘The service that Investec Specialist Private Bank provides its clients is what separates us from the rest of the market and part of that service is having a completely autonomous dealing room. The Treasury department is integral to any bank and so my approach will be to continue to work with all areas of the Bank and of course our clients to try to deliver flexible solutions,’ he said

‘The last two years have globally been extremely difficult and all banks had felt it as the liquidity of the financial markets had dried up. Fortunately for us, the Bank’s business model ensures that wholesale funding is limited to zero. This strategy has made the liquidity crunch significantly easier for Investec and we have been able to conduct our business as usual.

‘Looking forward, regulatory changes as a result of the global financial turmoil, will present challenges for all banks although we are pleased to say that our very conservative business model will allow us to turn these challenges into opportunities.’

For further information on Investec Bank (Channel Islands) Limited and its range of products and services please visit www.investec-ci.com or call +44 1481 723 506.