Corporate Governance


Sound corporate governance is implicit in Investec’s values, culture, processes, functions and organisational structure.

Integrity and trust

Integrity is our core value and determines everything we do. This is because we understand and respect the need to promote and maintain trust in our business.

Our board sets the tone through the manner in which it conducts itself, and oversees the structures and framework for our corporate governance.

Equally, each business area and every employee of the group is responsible for acting in accordance with our values. We conduct our business and measure behaviour and practices against these values.

Download additional information about our corporate governance

Download additional information about our corporate governance

Board committees – terms of reference
Management structure
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DLC Remuneration Committee

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Memorandum of Incorporation - Part 1

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Our corporate structure

We operate under a dual-listed companies (DLC) structure, and consider the corporate governance principles and regulations of both the UK and South Africa before adopting the appropriate standards for the group, which comply with requirements in both jurisdictions.


Investec plc corporate structure

investec plc corporate structure

Investec Limited corporate structure