International and Offshore Investment Management

Manage your money abroad

International and Offshore Investment Management
Receive a bespoke, high-quality service that draws on international expertise to manage your wealth.


Expertise on an international scale

Building relationships is at the heart of what we do. If you’re looking for help to manage your international investments and are not domiciled in the UK, we can offer a wide range of bespoke services throughout our network of international offices.

Options for every personal situation

Your service begins and ends with a thorough understanding of your needs, so we can together identify what’s most suited to you. We take a hands-on, full-time responsibility for your investments, while offering you flexibility and direct access to your portfolio.

Access to our global network

Make the most of global connections through our network of international offices. You will receive a bespoke, flexible service that can help you achieve your financial goals, no matter where you are in the world.

A wide range of asset classes

As part of our discretionary and advisory services, we can invest in the following asset classes:

  • Cash and money markets
  • Corporate, government and high yield bonds
  • Global equities
  • Foreign exchange
  • Structured products
  • Third party funds and unit trusts
  • Hedge funds
  • Private equity

Our offshore investment management services

Bespoke Portfolio Management

Bespoke Portfolio Management

Our Bespoke Portfolio Management service is tailored precisely to the individual needs of each investor, so you receive uniquely specialist advice.

Once we have discussed and understood your aims, one of our dedicated investment managers will set up and implement an investment strategy.

Regular face-to-face meetings are encouraged along the way to ensure we stay fully appraised of any changes in your requirements.

Under discretionary arrangements, we take day-to-day charge of your portfolio, including all administration matters. This lets us move quickly and take advantage of changing market conditions without seeking approval first.

But rest assured, we remain completely accountable to you through regular reports on our performance.

Alternative Portfolio Strategy

Alternative Portfolio Strategy

For those clients with a deeper understanding of financial markets and more complex investments, we can offer our Alternative Portfolio Strategy. We build balanced and diversified portfolios that can include:

  • global equities
  • fixed income
  • hedge funds
  • property
  • commodities
  • structured products

These portfolios are actively managed, as the risk and reward picture changes constantly and opportunities need to be identified and exploited right away. Being more global in nature, foreign exchange hedging can also be employed to help reduce overall portfolio volatility.

Personal service is, again, the key here. Not only do investment managers run the portfolios day-to-day, but they regularly review their client’s circumstances and objectives.

Ethical Investments

Ethical Investments

Many clients wish to invest in companies that benefit society, while also avoiding businesses that could be seen as harmful.

This is where our ethical investments service comes in. It’s based on the concept of socially responsible investing – similar to environmental investing, but with exposure to a wider range of assets and industries.

Our international investment teams can build ethical portfolios into their strategy using:

  • portfolio management
  • charities
  • discretionary fund management for financial advisers
  • investment management for individuals

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