Celebrating 30 years in the UK

Building value-driven partnerships

We believe that strong partnerships are crucial to creating an enduring worth. Having a diverse and highly skilled team that is continuously driven by a culture of inclusivity and a true sense of purpose forms the basis for long-lasting relationships with our clients. We constantly strive to be the out of the ordinary partner, even in extraordinary times.

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Investec by numbers

We’re a distinctive, relationship-focused bank and wealth manager driven by a commitment to deliver out of the ordinary outcomes across everything we do.​


Offices across five continents


Funds under management globally

BBB+, A1

Investec Bank plc's Fitch and Moody's ratings


We lead our peer group when it comes to sustainability. Our MSCI rating is in the top 2%


In lending, to fuel clients’ growth worldwide


Our CEOs, Ruth Leas and Barbara-Ann King, are two of only 3% FTSE 250 female CEOs.

*Please note that all metrics above are as at 31 March 2022

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