Portfolio Lending

Achieve your version of success with a portfolio loan

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Our Portfolio Loans are designed to offer a swift, flexible and cost-efficient way to borrow against your investments. 

Portfolio Loans designed for high net worth individuals


Minimum yearly earnings required to qualify


Net worth in order to be eligible

A simple and cost-efficient way to borrow

Unlock your wealth

Raise funds without liquidating your portfolio


Selling portfolio assets in order to access the liquidity you need may result in tax liabilities. With a Portfolio Loan you could take advantage of the freedom to access funds without selling your existing assets.

Fast and convenient funds

Convenient access to funds


The faster you can react, the better. You’ll receive a decision on your loan within days rather than weeks. Funds can be drawn down in sterling, US dollars or euros.

Simple transfers

Simple transfers


If your assets are managed elsewhere, Your Private Banker will work closely with Investec Wealth & Investment (UK) to help ensure a smooth transfer of your assets

Flexible repayment terms

Flexible repayment terms


You can choose when and how you repay your loan, with the option to repay interest from your investment portfolio’s income. However, Investec Private Bank may legally demand repayment of the loan at any time, for example where the agreed loan to value maximum is exceeded.

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Joseph Owst

Joseph Owst

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More information about our portfolio loans


In order to take out a Portfolio Loan, your investment portfolio must be under the management of Investec Wealth & Investment (UK). Additional credit and other lending criteria apply. Please contact your Private Banker to find out more information.

Security accepted

Discretionary and advisory portfolios are accepted. We can accept offshore bonds from third party bond providers where Investec Wealth & Investment (UK) acts as the discretionary asset manager.

Fees and charges

There are no early repayment charges. Depending on your circumstances, the following may apply: 

  • Arrangement fee
  • Legal fees
  • Costs associated with transferring your assets to Investec Wealth & Investment (UK)

Facility types

Our facilities are provided on an on demand basis. You can pay back the loan in full at any time, and the loan has no fixed end date. However, Investec Private Bank may legally demand repayment of the loan at any time, for example where the agreed loan to value maximum is exceeded.

Interest payments

Our flexible repayment terms give you the freedom to make overpayments. You can choose to repay interest from the income earnt within your portfolio.

Frequently asked questions

Your questions about Investec Private Bank Portfolio Lending answered.

  • Already have an Investment Portfolio managed by Investec Wealth & Investment (UK)?

    Talk to your wealth manager who can help you complete an application.

  • If I have a portfolio and a loan with another lender can I move my loan and portfolio to Investec Wealth & Investment (UK)?

    Yes. We can refinance your loan with the existing lender and help you transfer your portfolio over to Investec Wealth & Investment (UK). Your existing lender will need to provide us with a letter of undertaking (LOU) confirming that, following repayment of your loan, they will transfer all investments within your portfolio to Investec Wealth & Investment (UK). The Portfolio Lending team can provide a draft of the LOU upon request. Please note, this process may affect the time it may take to complete the application process.

  • I’m an existing client; do I need to complete the application form?

    Yes. To apply for Portfolio Lending a completed application form is required. Occasionally additional information is required to complete the process (i.e. evidence of income) however we will ask your wealth manager for this first.

  • What are the different ways I can pay the interest on the loan?

    Preferably through direct debit. However, you can also service interest payments from your investment account. We will remind you and your wealth manager prior to the interest due date in the case that you are not paying interest through direct debit. 

  • Can my Investec Wealth & Investment (UK) investment manager continue to manage the portfolio in line with the existing investment policy?

    Yes, as long as the management type and risk profile remain unchanged.

  • How does Investec monitor portfolio values?

    The portfolio values are electronically monitored on a daily basis. You (or your wealth manager) do not need to provide us with any updates. Please note, if the loan is secured against an offshore bond, the offshore bond provider will need to give us approval to receive the daily value from Investec Wealth & Investment (UK).

  • Who will be contacted if the loan is in margin call and/or close out?

    We will contact you and your wealth manager simultaneously. In the case of an offshore bond, the offshore bond provider will also be notified.