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Callum Macpherson


Our head of commodities, Callum Macpherson, provides a weekly update on the movements and changes impacting the oil market. 

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26 Nov oil market update

The price of Brent plunged to less than $60 per barrel this week, we take a look at the possible reasons behind this and whether this is in fact the lowest we'll see.

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19 Nov oil market update

We're talking about the very heavy sell off last week and considering whether the shifting sentiment is justified by fundamentals and if it could lead to OPEC cutting production.

12 Nov oil market update

Today we talk about OPEC's meeting in Abu Dhabi, the sell off last week, the shape of the forward curve and the week ahead.

5 Nov oil market update

Today we talk about US sanctions which are now in force, what caused the move lower last week and the upcoming OPEC meeting.

29 Oct oil market update

We'll be talking about the drivers behind the heavy sell off in markets last week and touching upon the attempt by the US to delay the implementation of the Sulphur Cap in 2020.

22 Oct oil market update

This week we focus on Jamal Khashoggi and the possible impact this will have on oil prices.

15 Oct Oil market update

Brent finally falls among a number of key events in the week including the latest report from the International Energy Agency and the disappearance of the Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.

8 Oct Oil market update

Brent breaks through $85 per barrel, where will the market go next? We also hear from special guest Chris Brand to talk about currency.

1 Oct Oil market update

Today focuses on the 4 year high in Brent and what the investors have been doing in light of this.

24 Sep Oil market update

Oil prices go above $80 a barrel and are beginning to increase further, we discuss the possible reasons behind this.

17 Sep Oil market update

This week we take a look at the possible implications of Hurricane Florence on the price of oil.

11 Sep Oil market update

After last week's low for Brent, we take a look at why it is starting to show strength once again.

4 September: Oil market update

In our first of a weekly podcast, we take a look at why the price of oil has spiked since last month.

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