In a competitive market, it’s important to seize your opportunities. Our experts can help you identify these and secure funding for initiatives.


Flexible funding

Partner with an experienced and dynamic team which will create a flexible funding solution to meet your requirements.

Creative solutions

Access a global team that combines entrepreneurial thinking with extensive industry knowledge to create innovative funding structures.

Our experts can help you with:

Capital call management

If you’re looking for facilities to help you bridge investor call-downs or smooth distributions to investors, this could be the solution to suit your fund’s needs.

Portfolio lending

When you need facilities that are secured against the value of the assets in the fund, let our specialists explain how this might be the appropriate solution for you.

Optimising equity

You might need leverage to enhance the returns and maximise the use of our fund’s available equity. We’ll help you achieve this through a bespoke structure to meet your fund’s needs.

‘It’s important to us that we work closely with our clients to help firms through their fund’s life cycle.’
Andrew Lillywhite, global head of Fund Solutions, 

Access our insights

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Ian Wiese takes a look at financing solutions that evolve with your fund and can maximise returns – and ultimately save your precious time.

Looking down to drive returns up: hybrids and NAV facilities

Matt Hansford analyses the tools available when funds are outside of their investment period.

NAV Financing – helping Funds and GPs seize opportunities

Matt Hansford explains NAV Financing and its potential to help Funds and GPs realise their growth. 

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