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Providing continued support

To help your trustees and senior officers be effective governors, our charity services include a free training and events programme, the Agenda.


Overcome governance challenges

Running a charity comes with a range of governance responsibilities and regulation. If you, colleagues and trustees find yourselves asking the question “how do I know what I don’t know?”, our programme can help.

Your questions answered

Our programme is here to tackle your key questions and concerns. To bring maximum value to your organisation, we also partner with charity specialists from other disciplines, including the Charity Finance Group.

Timely, useful insights

Whether you or your trustees have plenty of experience or are new to the voluntary sector, we can add value. We offer regular, insightful reviews of topical discussions, new legislation and guidance.

Past events

Managing Investments in Unprecedented Times Webinar

Webinar: Managing investments in unprecendented times

As charities continue to struggle with the widespread financial implications of the Covid-19 crisis, Senior Investment Director Michael Turner addresses the current challenges of navigating Charities and their investment portfolios through the pandemic. In this webinar, Michael is joined by James Brooke Turner from the Nuffield Foundation and Tristan Blythe, editor at Charity Finance Magazine.

Charity Trustee Training Webinar

Understanding the Basics of Investment

Trustee training is an important part of the service we aim to provide to all our Charity clients. We recently collaborated with Charity Times to deliver a Webinar, and are delighted to share a recorded version of this training with you. 

Mike Marsham, Head of Charities and James Minett, Senior Investment Director, help to explain the basics of investment for Charity trustees.

Key Issues for the Charity Sector: 22 March 2018

AGENDA: Key Issues for the Charity Sector

At this event we were delighted to introduce a panel discussion with a Q&A on pertinent issues facing the Charity Sector.

Our speakers included Caren Bradshaw,  Chief Executive of the Charity Finance Group, Rhodri Davies,  from Charities Aid Foundation, Gareth Jones,  Editor of Charity Finance and David Sheepshanks, Chair of  UKCF.

Economies and Markets: 8 February 2018

AGENDA: Economies and Markets

Recent political events have accentuated a shift from monetary policy to fiscal stimulus with significant implications for global markets and for beneficiaries of increased government spending. At this event our speakers discussed the outlook for 2018, and key topics to be aware of in the financial markets.


Our speakers included John Wyn-Evans, Head of Investment Strategy at Investec Wealth & Investment, and Darren Ruane, Head of Fixed Interest at Investec Wealth & Investment.

Understanding the Basics: 24 April 2018

AGENDA: Understanding the Basics

Our Understanding the Basics session was an introductory/refresher event for new trustees and senior officers, and included a session on GDPR

Our speakers included Amanda Francis, Buzzacott, James Minnett, a Senior Investment Director at Investec Wealth & Investment, Jamie Thomson, Director of Operational Risk at Investec Wealth & Investment and Ian Hempseed a Partner at Hempsons.

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Jargon Buster - definitions of our investment terms explained
Charities Investment Policy Guidelines - Providing trustees with helpful guidance when producing a written investment policy document
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