Bespoke products to meet your needs, with fixed term deposits, notice accounts and structured products available in multiple currencies and tenor. 

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Enhance your yield

In the current low-yield environment, you may be looking to improve the return on your funds held on deposit, without taking any risk on the principal.

FSCS protected

Our deposit-based cash solutions are eligible for FSCS protection, up to £85,000. 

Bespoke solutions

We work with you to identify what deposit best suits your needs, and have solutions that can outperform our fixed-rate products.

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Our specialist cash products

Notice accounts

Short-dated notice accounts give you a competitive rate of interest and access to your funds. They are ideal for shorter-term balances when you want to manage to fluctuate cash flows.

Cash solutions

Alongside our sterling offering, we can help with your currency needs. Whether it is placing a deposit to hold your currency or a requirement to convert, our team are on hand to provide a solution. 

Fixed-term deposits

These deposit accounts give you a fixed rate of interest across a variety of tenors. You dictate the duration of the deposit and we have the flexibility to align with your required maturity dates.

It all starts with a conversation

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Treasury Risk Solutions

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‘Investec continues to take the time to understand our changing business requirements, which helps to maintain our strong and lasting relationship.’
James Scott, Group Commercial Director, Curtis Banks
January 2017

2017: 'Vive la Révolution!'

Check out our coverage of the major geopolitical events that could cause market volatility and shape the world in 2017 and beyond.

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