Subordinated Debt and Minority Equity

Debt and equity funding solutions

Stay in control of your business with subordinated debt and minority equity, a one-stop-shop solution for debt and equity funding.


Access capital

Minimise the dilution to your shareholder returns. Subordinated debt and minority equity packages allow you to access capital over and above what is available on a senior debt basis. 

Tailored profiles

Discover packages that can be structured through any combination of subordinated debt, ordinary equity and/or loan notes and take advantage of bespoke solutions that offer you flexible repayment profiles.

Trusted partner

Form a trusted partnership to achieve your long-term cash flow needs. Make the most of investment strategies that align your interests with your business’ major shareholder, with no fixed investment horizon

Is it right for me?

Subordinated debt and minority equity is suitable for UK headquartered, growth businesses achieving a minimum of £1m in earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA).


Subordinated Debt

This is a hybrid financing instrument that sits between senior debt and equity in the capital structure. It can be used to provide a higher quantum of capital while minimising the dilution to shareholder returns.

Minority Equity

These are investments which work alongside or in preference to an entrepreneur, management team or private equity sponsor.