Economic Q&A replay: What the US election means for the economy and markets

22 Oct 2020

With less than two weeks until Americans cast their votes, Investec Chief Economist Phil Shaw is joined by Head of Investment Strategy John Wyn-Evans and FX Director Kiran Russell to analyse the election's potential impact on the economy, financial markets and currencies.

Watch the replay by clicking on the videos below:

US election overview

- Phil Shaw, Investec Chief Economist



US election implications for financial markets

- John Wyn-Evans, Head of Investment Strategy


US election implications for currency markets

- Kiran Russell, FX Director


US election Q&A:

- The panel answer audience questions on what's driving the pound, equity sector outlooks, a UK-US trade deal, climate change policy, potential Biden administration appointments, US-China relations, the impact of a Covid-19 resurgence on equity markets, and the outlook for the US dollar.


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