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Guide clients through the investment maze

Guide your clients through the maze of investments and support them with a range of tailored services.

  • Dedicated investment managers
    Your clients will each have a dedicated investment manager, who will understand what they want from an investment portfolio and invest appropriately to achieve their aims.
  • Understanding your client
    Supported by our continuous research and analysis of long-term economic trends and the financial markets, we will balance potential risks and potential returns, depending on your clients’ objectives.

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An investment option to suit every client

Bespoke Portfolio Management

Help clients preserve capital, generate income and grow their investments in a portfolio created to match individual goals and risk profiles. Typically for clients with £150,000 or more to invest, this service is supported by dedicated investment managers.

Master Portfolio Service

Your clients can choose from six pre-defined portfolio options to suit their investment aims and attitudes to risk. Our Master Portfolio Service offers an easy-to-understand first step into investing.

AIM Portfolio IHT Plan

Your clients can reduce their inheritance tax liability after only two years with this plan, while still maintaining control of their assets. We invest your clients’ money in qualifying shares quoted on the Alternative Investment Market.

Court of Protection and Personal Injury

A tailored investment service for clients appointed by the Court of Protection or who have been awarded damages for personal injury themselves and may need to plan for a lifetime of care. 

Estate and Tax Planning

Your clients’ investment strategies can significantly affect their exposure to inheritance tax. We can help them reduce their liabilities and pass on more of their assets with a sound financial planning strategy.

Retirement and Pension Planning

Looking not just at your clients’ pension policies but their assets as a whole, our specialist financial planning team creates co-ordinated investment strategies for your clients’ later life.

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Useful downloads

Useful downloads

Rate Cards
Online Portfolio Valuation Service
AIM Portfolio IHT Plan

Corporate Brochure

AIM Portfolio Brochure

Master Portfolio Brochure

Management Services for Clients - Why Investec Wealth & Investment

Financial Planning Brochure

Estate Planning Brochure

Retirement Planning Brochure

Portfolio Management fee rate card

Online Portfolio Valuation Service: Agreement and Access Form for Intermediaries

Online Portfolio Valuation Service: Agreement and Access Form for Clients of Intermediaries

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