Master Portfolio Service

Strategies that mirror your client's mindset


Each of our six pre-defined portfolios are carefully designed to reflect your client's investment objectives and attitude to risk.


Portfolios designed for your clients

Based on the detailed understanding of your client's investment objectives, you can offer them a choice of six pre-defined Master Portfolios. This discretionary collective-based service is available for investments from £50,000.

Global exposure

Investments are in collective funds, not individual shares. Each portfolio has exposure to global financial markets and contains unit and investment trusts, open-ended investment companies (OEICs) and ETFs/Trackers.

One-to-one support

Your dedicated Investment Manager will provide you with one-to-one support to look after your client's investments. They are unbiased in their fund selection and are supported by a robust research process.

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Mark Stevens

Head of Intermediary Services

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Which portfolio is right for your client?

Defensive portfolio

Low risk

Suitable for clients with shorter-term requirements (less than five years) seeking capital preservation with only modest levels of risk. Investments are typically weighted towards government bonds, investment grade corporate bonds and cash.

Cautious portfolio

Low-medium risk

Designed for clients with some emphasis on capital preservation. Investments are weighted towards government bonds, investment grade corporate bonds and cash to reduce volatility. 

Income portfolio

Medium risk

A diversified combination of investment vehicles and asset classes, including bonds, is used to make up the Income Portfolio. Equities and other alternatives, such as commercial property, are also widely used in this portfolio.

Balanced portfolio

Medium risk

Ideal for clients seeking a combination of capital growth and income, the balanced portfolio contains a very diverse mix of domestic and international asset classes, including equities or bonds, property and other alternatives.

Growth portfolio

Medium-high risk

This medium-high risk objective portfolio includes international and domestic investments, with equities tending to be the most dominant class. These are supported by bonds, property and alternatives.

High-growth portfolio

High risk

This portfolio is suited to clients who are adventurous investors, comfortable with increased risk as they look to achieve added capital growth. It is likely to be dominated by equities, with exposure to higher risk such as emerging markets and niche areas.

Your hard-earned reputation will be in safe hands.

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5 Star Defaqto Rating

The quality of our services has been recognised by Defaqto, who awarded us five stars for our Master Portfolio service.

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