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There is no requirement to have any assets under our management to apply for a mortgage.

This information is for intermediary use only.

Designed for high net worth individuals


Minimum yearly earnings required to qualify


Net worth in order to be eligible


Service from your private banker and client support team

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Buy-to-let mortgages

Mortgages for residential investment properties.

Residential mortgages

Main residence mortgages beyond the ordinary.

Revolving mortgages

Unlock the equity in your principle main residence.


Our remortgages are available for both buy-to-let and residential properties.

Mortgages tailored to your clients

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Building relationships

At Investec, we understand the value of your relationship with your client. We believe that the connections and trust we create with you and your client should be enduring. 

Meeting client needs

Meeting client needs

Our mortgages are available to clients seeking a mortgage for their residential property needs, including remortgages and purchases of a main residence, secondary residence or investment property.

Meeting client needs

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Meet your dedicated Intermediary team

Our team of dedicated private bankers draw upon many years of experience to provide the right level of advice, guidance and support.

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Case studies

Explore our client case studies that demonstrate the success of our mortgage service.

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We’ve always done things differently. We believe the unconventional path is often the better one. That’s why we exist.

Does your client have a foreign currency income?

We only lend in GBP pounds sterling. We will, however, consider applications from clients receiving income or holding assets in currencies other than GBP pounds sterling. We will also consider applications from clients who are not UK resident. For these purposes, we recognise all major world currencies.

Your client should be aware that the equivalent value of the loan in their foreign currency could change, such that if the value of their foreign currency fell relative to GBP pounds sterling, then the equivalent value of their loan would increase. In that event they may have difficulty affording their regular repayments and the overall cost of their loan could increase significantly.