Bespoke Portfolio Management

Your personal investment service

Preserve your capital, generate income and grow your investments with a portfolio designed by our investment experts just for you.


Achieve your goals

Do you want to focus on regular income, on capital growth or a balance of the two? Our bespoke portfolio management service is built on a personal relationship between you and your dedicated investment manager.

Understanding risk

Balance risk and return according to your preferences, with a diversified portfolio designed for your goals. As our client we will manage your assets for you, making investment decisions at our discretion towards agreed goals.

Detailed analysis

We evaluate potential returns from major asset classes by analysing long-term trends in global economies and financial markets. Alternatively, You can listen to our advice while still retaining full control of investment choices.

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Your portfolio management options

It is vital that clients understand each of the three different services available so they can make sure that they choose the most suitable and appropriate for them.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

If you’re looking for a comprehensive service to manage all aspects of your investments, this is your best option. After an initial meeting to make sure we understand your aims and approach to risk, we’ll use our discretion to buy and sell shares, funds and investments for you, in line with our agreed criteria. 

Advisory managed

You might prefer to retain full control and be responsible for all investment decisions. We’ll make recommendations based on the objectives and the risk profile you specify - and will accept responsibility for their suitability for the portfolio as a whole if our recommendations are followed.

Execution-only service

For more knowledgeable investors, we can simply carry out transactions for you, such as buying and selling shares. You won’t receive advice or personal recommendations, and you will retain the responsibility of ensuring investments are suitable. For transactions requested in certain financial instruments, however, appropriateness will be assessed.

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