Getting started

Welcome to Investec

Getting started with your Investec card

Learn how to activate your card, set up Investec Online and the Investec App, make deposits and payments, and more. 

You can activate your card in Investec online, in the Investec App, or by calling us.

We will text your PIN to your registered mobile as soon as you activate your card.

Getting started with Investec Online


We need to activate your account. Once you receive your Investec ID, call us on 0330 123 3655 (or +44 (0)20 7597 4131) to activate.

We’ll then send you a temporary password by SMS to the mobile number you provided in your application.

Log in

Once you’ve received your temporary password you can log in to Investec Online by visiting, selecting the "Log in" button and choosing Investec Online.

Log in with your Investec ID and the temporary password we sent you by SMS. You’ll then need to change your password and set up your telephone banking security details. You’ll only need to do this once.

Download the app

Once you’ve completed your first log in to Investec Online, you will be able to download and use the Investec App.


First steps
  • How do I make the opening deposit for an account I’ve just applied for?

    To make the initial deposit in order to open an account, you can:

    1. Send us a cheque, drawn on another UK bank or building society account in your name, and made payable to “Investec Bank plc for the account of [your name or the name of your organisation]”. Send the cheque to:

    Investec Bank plc
    Operations Dept
    EC2B 0ZZ

    2. Make a deposit by electronic transfer. In this case the payment must come from another account that is held in your name. The details you’ll need to send the payment are as follows:

    Sort code: 40-64-34
    Account number: 10010002
    Bank: Investec Bank plc
    Account name: Investec Bank plc
    Reference: your name and the reference number we provided to you on this acknowledgement email.

  • How do I find out the status of my account application?

    If you have applied for an account and have not heard from us, or if you would like to hear the current status of your application, please call us.

  • How am I notified of my Investec card PIN?

    Your new PIN will be sent via text to your mobile number, when you activate your card. Please memorise your PIN and delete the text once you have memorised it.

Direct debits and standing orders 
  • Transferring direct debits and standing orders

    If you would like to transfer existing direct debits or standing orders to your account, you can do so by completing an account switching form. Standing orders can be viewed, set up and cancelled, and your direct debits viewed, in Investec Online or in the Investec App.

  • Transferring your salary

    To get your salary paid directly into your account, all you need to do is to complete our salary transfer form and pass it to your payroll or HR department. Call us to request this form today.

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