Building women champions


Investec's focus within the world of hockey in South Africa is on hockey development.

Small in stature, big in talent. Meet SA’s women hockey champion Ongeziwe Mali.

The Investec Hockey Academy is helping produce women champions in South Africa. One such individual is Ongeziwe Mali. Onge travelled with her school from PE to participate in the St Mary’s Investec Hockey Festival in 2015. Her skill and speed won her the Investec Out of the Ordinary player award, along with a bursary to attend the Investec Hockey Academy.
Ongeziwe was invited to join the South African Women’s Hockey team. At 18, the youngest player in the national side, she played for South Africa against Germany in the Hockey World Cup opening match on Saturday 21 July 2018 in London. 

The Investec Hockey Academy is led by Shelley Russell and aims to improve hockey performance at all levels through a multi-dimensional, holistic approach.

Shelley Russell
"Don’t stop practising until you get it right, practice until you cannot get it wrong."

Shelley Russell, Investec Hockey Academy

Launched in 2014, the Investec Hockey Academy truly enables participants to reach their full potential as players and coaches.


Good players take opportunities. Great players make them. 


Danni Dixon
"Investec is pleased to have the opportunity to shine a spotlight on women champions in South Africa and to help develop brilliance in the sport which will contribute to us being globally competitive."

Danni Dixon, Head of Marketing Investec SA

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