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27 Aug 2020

Investec extends its support of UK food banks for a further 12 weeks

Investec has been supporting food banks in the UK since the beginning of April and arrival of Covid-19. We’ve been delivering thousands of essential food items every week to 18 centres across the UK.

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When we began helping with the vital work that food banks do, we said that if we needed to prolong our initial 12 week support plan, we would. And now, as the UK slowly starts to return to some sort of normality, we won’t forget about those who can’t afford to buy the basics.


We are pleased to confirm that we have extended our support of these food banks for a further 12 weeks.


In Woking, deliveries will continue until mid-October. This ensures that the Woking food bank remains fully stocked throughout the school holidays and past the point when many other donations may have ended.


Throughout this time we’ve been so grateful to all of our colleagues who have given their time to help ensure the deliveries are made. We’d especially like to thank Julia Hirst who’s been the relationship manager for Guildford.

Teresa O’Brien
Teresa O’Brien, Head of UK Sustainability

The desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world we live in is at the heart of Investec’s values, and underpins our aim to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Hear from Alison, Woking food bank

Food at the food bank in Woking

* correct as at 4 August 2020

Wanting to donate?

You can help us by donating to the food banks by visiting the food bank website.

Get in touch with the team in Guildford