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Grant’s Story

We aim to help our clients achieve financial freedom. Whether that’s setting your sights on an early retirement, having something left to leave the grandkids, or simply the peace of mind knowing your money is working for you. Meet Grant* and listen to his story of what financial freedom means to him.

*Grant's name has been changed to protect his anonymity.

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My Story

Investec have been there for us and our family for a while now, providing advice and guidance in a number of areas, and over time we have developed an understanding of what each party requires. For their part, Investec have listened carefully to our requirements and have been able to advise us accordingly in order that these needs can be met.

"Indeed, when we recently retired, we were more than happy to let our Investec team provide us with excellent pensions advice, which has given us complete confidence in our financial position for the future."
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How Investec helped us

After family bereavements, the Investec team provided fantastic support, and took a great weight off our shoulders by dealing with solicitors, banks, and a host of other necessary investment work.

On one other particular occasion, we were swamped with our own paperwork which went back many years. Our Investment Director literally came to our house to help us sort through the mass of papers and to tell us what to keep. And what (very enjoyably) to throw away.

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Looking to the future

During the time we have been with Investec, we have gained a great deal of knowledge, and have become more relaxed and confident about having our affairs looked after by them. They have been crucial in helping us to understand the issues involved in our own investment portfolios and we have benefitted greatly from the meetings which we have had with them.

Without Investec, it would not have been possible to feel at ease in dealing with our finances ourselves, and as they are always very prompt and efficient in dealing with matters raised by us, this has enabled us to have complete trust in them. Indeed, having recently retired, Investec were able to provide us with excellent pension advice as well as being able to give us confidence in our financial position for the future.

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