Every one of our clients has a unique story to offer. From celebrating an early retirement, to teaching the next generation the value of money, we’ve been there to help them achieve their goals along the way. Hear from Gillian about her unique story. 

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My Story

My relationship with Investec Wealth & Investment (UK) began as I approached retirement age in 2010. I was living in London, but preferred to keep my accounts with my bank’s Liverpool branch. When my bank manager advised me to invest in a SIPP, I was directed to the Investec Wealth & Investment (UK)'s Liverpool branch. Both their presentation and documents impressed me, and from that moment on, myself and my SIPP, have been with them. It’s not, by absolute standards, a major investment – but it is for me, and my Financial Advisers understand this.

"My SIPP is not, by absolute standards, a major investment - but it is for me, and my Financial Advisers understand this."
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How they helped me

Of course, I meet regularly and formally with my personal Financial Planners, who keep me up to date on what I hold and any changes that may come. At times I’ve also sought more informal guidance, usually on matters pertaining to what is known as ‘the bank of Mum and Dad’ (or, in my case, “the bank of good old Mum”). In this and other matters I’ve been given balanced, well-informed and empathetic counsel. The regular paper flow of balance sheet information and market updates has proved invaluable. When I enquired about withdrawing funds to support a house purchase, the advice was clear, practical and logical. In the wider field of world finance and its risks, I have also come to rely on their formal guidance along the way.

Grey-haired woman admires her dahlias in the garden
Looking to the future

My initial investment has grown substantially over the past decade, and in parallel, I truly feel my advisers understand my individual situation. Over a decade of profound external political challenges, they’ve given me excellent guidance while maintaining a personal interest in both my career and the fund they manage for me.

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