Guernsey Services

International financial expertise

Access a wide range of personal offshore investment management services, working with our team based in Guernsey in the Channel Islands.


Comprehensive wealth management

Draw on a broad range of offshore investment services, including portfolio lending, using your portfolio as security to receive credit.

Financial expertise across the globe

Our long-standing business in the Channel Islands is supported by the wider Investec Group. This gives you access to in-depth financial expertise and an extensive range of investment opportunities around the world.

A relationship built around your needs

You know what you want to achieve and the risk you are prepared to take. That’s why the biggest investment we make is the time we take to understand your needs so you can make the most of our Out of the Ordinary service.

Convenience and value for your investments

Why choose Guernsey? The region offers you the benefits of:

  • Sophisticated and efficient commercial, financial and legal infrastructure, with excellent communication capabilities
  • Politically stable, neutral jurisdiction outside the EU, with the ability to operate autonomously
  • Tax advantages: no capital gains, inheritance or value added taxes
  • Regulated by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (GFSC), in line with international standards
  • Easy access to London markets for your financial convenience.

Investec Wealth & Investment Bank details

We will never send our bank details by email; please instead see our standard settlement instructions page.

Deposit interest rates

Rates for Sterling and non-Sterling cash deposit balances

Executive Director of Investec's Guernsey Office, Shuan Lacey
Shaun Lacey, Executive Director

We pride ourselves in building strong relationships with our clients. It’s our job each day to make every important aspect of their experience a little better.