Our Bespoke Portfolio Management Service

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If you’re looking to preserve or grow your wealth, or want to draw a regular income, but feel you don't have the knowledge, time or the appetite to manage your own investments, then a discretionary Investment Management service is probably for you.

Bespoke Investment Management is a comprehensive and highly personalised service where you allow us to use our professional discretion and expert knowledge to manage all aspects of your investment portfolio.

It’s bespoke because your investments will be a reflection of your individual goals and values, your life-stage and the amount of risk you are comfortable with and loss you can bear. From choosing your investments, to ensuring we react quickly to any changing market dynamics and keeping you well informed at all times, you can be sure we will be working to look after your portfolio. Which means we do all the heavy lifting for you, while you can get on with life

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Investec Wealth & Investment manages £41.7 billion in client assets

Figures as at March 2021

The benefits of our Bespoke Portfolio Management Service

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    A personal service

    Whilst some investment firms like to place a relationship manager between you and your Investment Manager, at Investec we think life works better when you build a direct relationship with the person actually managing your money. That way nothing is lost in translation. Your Investment Manager gets to know you, and you get to look the person investing your money square in the eye. It’s an approach that allows us to better understand your goals and to know how much detail we should go into when meeting to discuss your portfolio. As a client, it gives you the certainty that everything you discuss from your ambitions to your values will be taken on board and help shape the investment decisions made on your behalf.


    Access and exposure

    A bespoke portfolio with Investec will give you access to one of the largest and most experienced Investment Management firms in the UK. The expertise of our research team will give you access to a wide range of carefully selected investment options, institutional buying power, and the peace of mind of knowing we have the controls in place to ensure the suitability of any investment we make.

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Our approach to Investment Management

From initially understanding your personal goals for your money, to building and then managing your personal portfolio, every aspect of our Investment Management service is designed to be clear, straightforward and supportive of your individual needs.

  1. Step One

    We’ll get to know each other

    Our Bespoke Portfolio Managment service is built on a personal relationship between you and your dedicated Investment Manager. We will look to understand your personal circumstances such as your age, work and family situation, your time horizon for investing, whether there are any major life changes on the cards, your tax status, and your attitude to risk. We’ll also want to get a sense of how you’d feel about significant fluctuations in the value of your investments.

  2. Step Two

    Choosing the right investment objective

    Next we’ll want to understand what your goals are for your money, or what you want your investments to achieve over a certain period of time. More broadly, our investment strategies focus on growth, drawing a regular income, or a balance of the two, but think about it as a spectrum. We will discuss each option with you to help determine which one would best suit your circumstances.

  3. Step Three

    Building your tailored portfolio

    Your Investment Manager will now work closely with our Research Team, drawing on the expertise and knowledge of our in-house analysts to identify the investment opportunities that are the best fit for you. Normally, your portfolio will contain a number of different types of investments, also called assets, each belonging to a particular asset class. We set out to construct a well-diversified portfolio made up of different asset classes in order to spread the risk.

  4. Step Four

    Proactively managing your expectations

    Your portfolio will be continuously reviewed so that it reflects our best recommendation in the current market and stays fully focussed on achieving your financial objectives. Your Investment Manager is always available so we can ensure that in the event your circumstances change we can adjust your portfolio accordingly, and you’ll also receive regular reports so you know how your investments are performing.

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Ralph, Bristol (name changed to protect anonymity)

I’ve been with Investec for over 20 years. I truly value having a personal adviser who I like and can trust, backed up by a huge firm monitoring investments all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keen to get more information on our bespoke portfolio service? You may find the answers you’re looking for here.

  • How much do I need to invest?

    Our Bespoke Investment Management service is typically designed for clients that have £250,000 or more to invest, but if you wish to invest smaller sums it’s always worth giving us a call as we have a range of investment products and services. 

  • What if I want more input into where my money is invested?

    If you want to retain full control over, and be responsible for all investment decisions, then our Advisory Management Service might be more appropriate for you. We will still provide you with recommendations based on your specified investment objectives and risk profile, but you make the final call. We will also take responsibility for the suitability of our recommendations and – to the extent that you follow these recommendations – for the portfolio as a whole. We cannot, however, accept responsibility if our recommendations are not followed or if you choose to invest directly on your own.

  • Who oversees your investment process?

    At Investec Wealth & Investment, our Investment Committee and Asset Allocation Committee meet regularly to review and oversee our investment process and the assets in which we invest. You can find out more about our rigorous and detailed investment process at the link below.

    Our approach to working with you

  • How often will you review my portfolio?

    Your portfolio is constantly monitored so that:

    • Changes in our preferred holdings are effected when appropriate
    • Where practicable it remains within the asset classes we chose based on your defined investment strategy
    • It contains the appropriate investments for your specific risk profile
    • It contains a diverse range of investments, which are not overly concentrated in any particular area.

    For more information on how we review your portfolio, you can read our guide on ‘How we manage your investments’ in the Useful downloads below.

  • Who selects my investments?

    Your dedicated Investment Manager is responsible for choosing each investment for your portfolio. They will consult the latest market information and consider recommendations made by our Research Team. In order to fully meet your specific needs (in line with your risk appetite), your Investment Manager may from time to time conduct research into investment opportunities outside the universe covered by our in-house Research Team, including the purchasing of new holdings, or the retention of, existing holdings.

  • What happens if my circumstances change?

    One of the key advantages of a bespoke portfolio is in its flexibility. If your circumstances, or for instance, attitude to risk changes, then your Investment Manager can sit down with you to review your objectives and if applicable adjust your portfolio holdings.

  • Will my capital be put at risk?

    Yes. The Investment Management service provided by Investec Wealth & Investment requires all clients to be exposed to some degree of risk. As such, a threshold condition is that you must be prepared for, and be financially capable of, withstanding a loss of capital.

  • What flexibility does my Investment Manager have?

    Every one of our Investment Managers has a wealth of resources at their fingertips from which to manage your investment portfolio. This includes detailed and timely guidance on stock selection and our investment strategy. Your Investment Manager will receive daily updates and briefings, together with additional research information which is constantly available to our offices throughout the day. This approach gives your Investment Manager the flexibility to create and maintain a portfolio, within reasonable parameters, to reflect your individual needs.

  • How do I measure performance?

    Your Investment Manager will discuss and agree with you appropriate benchmarks to allow you to assess the performance of your portfolio.

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