Your life goals

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Whatever stage of life you’ve reached, whatever your personal goals, the harder your money works, the more freedom of choice it gives you. At Investec Wealth & Investment our mission is to help you achieve that financial freedom.

The freedom to choose between a quiet retirement or a noisy one. The freedom to not have to compromise on which school your children go to. The freedom to live well and financially support your grandchildren at the same time. The freedom to do your bit to make the world a better place to live. The freedom to choose the future you want.

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Your retirement goals

With the odds of living to 100 increasing all the time, it makes sense to think about how you might want to spend your golden years. And, whilst you might not be planning on giving up work anytime soon, chances are you’ll want to spend more time fulfilling your lifelong passions. Which is why it’s never too early to be planning your future.

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Passing on my wealth

When you’ve worked hard it’s only natural you’ll want to see your family benefiting from your money. Whether it’s gifting money, or setting up a trust, we can help you manage Inheritance Tax (IHT) in the most efficient way. Even if your estate is not affected by IHT today, it could be in future, and there are lots of ways we can help to reduce or even remove any tax liability. Find out more about how we can help you secure the financial future of the people who matter most to you.

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Grow or preserve your wealth

Whether you want to fund a life goal, secure your lifestyle in retirement or simply achieve financial peace of mind, our Financial Planning and Investment Management experts can help you achieve your ambitions in the most tax efficient way.

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Supporting my family

Supporting the people we love is only natural, but none of us can predict the future and its impact on our financial needs. Can our finances cope with supporting both ageing parents and children? Will care costs eat up our children’s inheritance?  When should we be teaching our kids how to manage money? How do we give them the best start in life without spoiling them? What happens to our family if we’re no longer around to support them? It’s not easy to see round the next bend, but with a sound plan you can help ensure any bumps in the road are financially cushioned.

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Life-changing events

Life is unpredictable. Whether it’s a windfall from a business sale or an inheritance, a bereavement, divorce, marriage, redundancy, illness or a life-changing injury, most of us will experience a life-changing event in our lives at some point. The immediate decisions you make can have long-lasting consequences for your family’s future. Which is why it’s important you have the right support and guidance to help you at this emotional time. At Investec we can help you face these challenges and no matter what life throws at you, help to keep your future on the right track.

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