Deposit interest rates

Investec Wealth & Investment

While the Bank of England base rate is 3% or below, the rate of interest payable on Sterling cash deposits is set on a discretionary basis, in accordance with our current rate card. In order to inform you of the rates currently being paid, these are outlined below.

With effect from 11 March 2020

The following rates of interest apply to Sterling cash deposit balances held in each account individually:

  • £0 - £49,000
    0.0% interest
  • £50,000 and above
    0.0% interest (paid gross).  This rate of interest is payable on the full cash deposit balance held within the relevant account and not just the portion of the balance over £50,000

The rate of interest payable in respect of non-Sterling deposits is paid at a rate of 0.5% below the rate we receive, with the exception of balances denominated in the following currencies, in respect of which the following negative rates of interest are payable:


Swiss Francs


Danish Kroner




Swedish Kroner

For further information and terms please refer to our Terms and Conditions or contact your investment manager.