Women's hockey

Women’s hockey


From grassroots to elite level, women’s hockey in Great Britain embodies energy, ambition and distinctive performance - values that we admire. We also champion these qualities in our business, as we work to grow and manage our clients’ wealth. 

Success relies on building strong partnerships. Meet the players that are working together as one to keep Great Britain hockey on the map.


‘Success is in your preparation and your training.’

GB women's captain and Investec ambassador Alex Danson shares her inspirational journey as a GB Women's Hockey player


‘It’s just hard work, grit, and determination.’

Investec ambassador Maddie Hinch shares her journey that took her to becoming the world's number one female goalkeeper

‘Investec’s support of women’s hockey has been extraordinary. They have helped us take our work significantly further forward and engage even more people in the women’s game.’
Sally Munday, England Hockey CEO

‘I play on the edge, you need that fiery side.’

Susannah Townsend shares her journey as a GB hockey player


‘To be a truly great player you need to have passion, commitment and self belief.’

Danny Kerry on his journey as Head Coach of GB Women's Hockey

‘Hockey reflects our brand values. Witnessing the passion, skill and commitment of players over the past few years has been a great privilege.’
Jennifer Whiteford, head of brand for Investec