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Adam Jaffe

Adam Jaffe

Real Estate

I’m a Specialised Property Finance Originator, responsible for identifying and actioning new lending and investment opportunities across various real estate sectors. With an extensive background in the real estate industry, I help to find the creative funding solutions our clients need to realise their plans and goals.

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My career in real estate finance began in 2003, when I joined Stenham Property Limited (now Stenprop) as a Property Investment Manager. I had qualified as a solicitor the previous year, but my interests lay in the world of real estate, so I was delighted to land a role with this highly experienced alternative asset manager.

After seven years at SPL, I became a founding partner of Denstone Group, a service provider performing all the functions of an in-house property team. We looked after the assets of wealth management firms and private real estate investors, specialising in creating and capturing value through active asset management.

I joined Investec’s Specialised Property Finance team in 2014, where I have created an international team focused on working with our South African clients to support their UK real estate strategies. We’ve enjoyed significant success, helping a broad range of clients acquire (mainly commercial) properties across the UK. 

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