Corporate Responsibility

The heartbeat of Investec


The desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world we live in is at the heart of our values at Investec. Making an unselfish contribution to society, nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit, embracing diversity, and respecting others, underpin our aim to be a responsible corporate citizen.

Fani Titi
‘Investec is, first and foremost, a caring organisation. We are constantly looking for partnerships that not only strengthen our business but also ensure we are always living in, not off, society and contributing positively to the natural world around us.’

Fani Titi , Investec Group Co-CEO


Invested in our people and growing talent and leadership in the past year


Contributed to society through our community programmes in the past year


Of our energy lending portfolio is clean energy

Investing in our people

The expertise and dedication of our employees is fundamental in meeting our clients’ needs and delivering distinctive results.

Supporting communities

We support the communities in which we exist, with particular focus on education and entrepreneurship.

Caring for our environment

A clean, resource-rich natural environment supports the growth of business and the economy and is vital for healthy communities.

Investing in our people

We employ people from all over the world with various academic, ethnic and social backgrounds. Our culture ensures a stimulating and progressive work environment that inspires entrepreneurial, free thinkers with a conscience.

Supporting communities

We believe this will help to create opportunities for employment, wealth creation and contribute to the social and economic empowerment of others. The active involvement of our people through volunteering remains at the core of our community programmes and reflects the depth of the Investec heartbeat.

Caring for our environment

In all our operations, we strive to find smart, sustainable solutions that make business sense but are also environmentally responsible. We’re also passionate about preserving biodiversity and prolonging life on our planet, and work towards the sustainable existence of wildlife, among other programmes.

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Operating responsibly

Our business decisions are driven by our values and the intention to live in society, and not off it. As an Investec client, you’re sure to be dealing with a sustainable, financially resilient business, which is here for the long term. We also benchmark ourselves to the highest moral standards and offer you investment opportunities in line with your own ethical values.

Financial strength and resilience

The financial strength and resilience of our business depend on a balanced business model that supports our long-term growth vision. This enables us to deliver value to our stakeholders and the best service to our clients. We aim to maintain an appropriate balance between revenue earned from operational risk activities, and financial risk activities. 

Sound corporate governance

Investec’s values and philosophies provide the framework against which we measure behaviour.  We require all our people to act with integrity and conduct themselves to promote and maintain trust. We view all employees as custodians of ethical behaviour which is reinforced through internal processes, policies and procedures. All international business units operate in accordance with our corporate governance principles. 

Responsible procurement

We recognise the potential for our procurement and supply chain practices to be agents for change in our endeavours to operate responsibly. We have environmental, social and ethical considerations incorporated into our procurement policies and encourage our suppliers to support our aim for a sustainable future.

Responsible financing and investing

As a financial services organisation with a strong footing in both the developed and developing world, we believe we can make a meaningful contribution to society and the environment. We welcome opportunities for our clients and businesses in cleaner and renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and responsible financing and investing. 

Our approach to tax

At Investec, we are committed to conducting our tax affairs in an open and transparent way. 

Our approach to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We believe that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a solid framework for us to assess, align and prioritise our activities. We recognise the pivotal role that the private sector, and in particular, the financial sector, will have in their achievement. Our strategy is to harness the expertise in our various businesses and identify opportunities to maximise impact by partnering with our clients, investors and various stakeholders to support delivery of the SDGs and build a more resilient and inclusive world.

Southern Africa Excellence Awards

Finalist in the Thomson Reuters 2018 Southern Africa Excellence Awards

Investec was a finalist in the Thomson Reuters 2018 Southern Africa Excellence Awards in the Most Impactful Business: Doing Good and Doing Well Award category.