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Investec was built on the spirit of entrepreneurship, and we’re proud to support budding entrepreneurs who want to make a sustainable, positive impact in the local community. We do this through the award-winning Investec Beyond Business programme.

Investec Beyond Business

Investec Beyond Business is a social enterprise incubation programme which we run in partnership with the Bromley by Bow Centre. It aims to help promising entrepreneurs who are committed to creating sustainable, profit-making businesses which also generate social outcomes. The programme operates in Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets.

Every year, successful candidates receive intensive support in business planning as well as training and expert advice through the Investec Beyond Business College, which is run by volunteers from across the business. These entrepreneurs also receive funding of up to £20,000 each to launch their new enterprises.


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Since Investec became the sole funder of Beyond Business in 2011, the programme changed its name to Investec Beyond Business and launched 51 social enterprises, most of them female-led. These businesses have created more than 375 jobs so far, as well as 54 work experience and 76 volunteer placements in the community. They have also generated a total turnover of £6.5m.  

The success rate of these social enterprises is high: 82% are still operating after three years. The national average success rate for new businesses is 50%.

Investec also launched four additional successful businesses between 2008 and 2011, when we were a junior partner in the programme.


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In their words

Investec Beyond Business entrepreneurs share their inspiring stories and community impact.

Ruth Rogers, founder of The Canvas Cafe

Ruth discusses where her idea for The Canvas Cafe came from and her journey to launching it through the Investec Beyond Business programme.

Ruth Rogers, founder of The Canvas Cafe

Ruth discusses where her idea for The Canvas Cafe came from and her journey to launching it through the Investec Beyond Business programme.

Elroy Powell, founder of Diverse Music Solutions

Elroy ‘Spoonface’ Powell talks about his social enterprise: “One agency, one project, one song, feed a hundred smiling children. It’s that simple”.

Do you have an idea for a new social enterprise?

Project grants for charities

Outside our partner organisations, we support small to medium charities through small project grants. If you represent a charity that works in our focus areas – education, entrepreneurship and/or environment – and are local to one of our offices, you can apply for a grant. Please read the full criteria below to find out more, and get in touch.

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