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Our thoughts on establishing market leadership, a successful business culture, corporate accountability and responding to the changing the rules of client engagement.

David van der Walt on air pollution

A CEO walks into a city. What is he carrying?

David van der Walt, CEO of Investec Bank plc, discusses how we can all help tackle the growing problem of air pollution, one step at a time.
Playing the long game | Private equity and FX hedging

Playing the long game

Long-hold funds offer intriguing possibilities for investors and fund managers – but can a longer investment horizon make it more challenging to hedge against currency volatility? 

Fund Solutions private equity - separately managed accounts

One investor, one fund, one vision

With separately managed accounts (SMAs), investors get a tailored service and can have far greater influence in all aspects of the fund. For general partners (GPs), however, that can sometimes create headaches. 

Emerging companies Fintech

Building on Britain’s fintech success

Investec Emerging Companies looks at how the UK's policymakers, regulators and investors have played a crucial role in the development of this exciting sector.

Garry Moore, founder and inventor of Propelair

Flushed with success: the ‘Elon Musk of toilets’

Water is a valuable resource, which is going down the loo. In 2017, Investec led an £8m investment in the super-efficient toilet company, Propelair. Garry Moore, inventor and founder, talks about saving water, cash and Cape Town, one flush at a time.


Scaling industrial businesses

When scaling your business, getting the right funding structure foundation is crucial.
A panel discussion with Stephen Koseff and Pravin Gordhan

Unlocking growth

Redi Tlhabi asks Pravin Gordhan, our former Minister of Finance, Stephen Koseff, Investec CEO and Dr Tashmia Ismail-Saville, who heads YES (an NGO and business-led initiative to create one million youth employment opportunities) how entrepreneurs can unlock and drive economic growth.

Keep your business safe from fraud

How to keep your business safe from cybercrime

Investec’s global head of fraud shares some tips on how you can safeguard your business.

David van der Walt on Investec's Beyond Business programme

How big business can learn from social start-ups, by David van der Walt

Investec Bank plc’s CEO shares his insights on social entrepreneurship and business success.

Invest for Success

A short-term investment, with long-term wins

If you were given £100,000 to build and manage an investment portfolio, how well would it perform after six months?

Shai Agassi

Fail big but gracefully - A discussion with imagineer, Shai Agassi

As the former CEO of Better Place, Agassi has an interesting perspective on success and failure.
Silicon Valley

What do venture capitalists look for?

South African born Adam Valkin is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. We find out from him "what it takes" and what he looks for in entrepreneurs.
Launchpad charity in Reading, supported by Investec

Assets, finance and support to get lives back on track

On the night of World Homeless Day, the business community in Reading was sponsored to sleep out and raise money for Launchpad, a local charity. Investec’s Asset Finance team took part.