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Investment risk

Risk assessment

John Wyn-Evans talks about Investec Wealth & Investment's latest 18-month outlook of investment risk - including main threats, the probability of them taking place, and their potential impact.
Xi Jinping

Trade wars - Mutually Assured Economic Destruction

John Wyn-Evans takes a timely look at the global threat of protectionism.

Water scarcity

Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink

The flow of money: Chris Hills, Investec Wealth & Investment's chief investment officer, examines how the demand for water is affecting economic growth across the globe.

Propelair toilet at Investec's London offices

Flushed with success: investing in the ‘Elon Musk of toilets’

In 2017, the efficient toilet company Propelair was flushed with an £8m Investec-led investment. Propelair’s Garry Moore and Investec’s David Phillips talk about the investment, and the aim of saving water, cash and Cape Town.

Blockchain technology

Inflation returns (part 2) and trade wars

Because the threat of inflation in the US has been the main mover of markets recently, John Wyn-Evans returns to the subject. He also explores what trade wars would mean for investors.

Trump and Powell

Inflation returns

Fears of higher inflation have been the catalyst for rising bond yields and falling equity prices in early 2018. Our UK head of investment strategy explores the subject in more detail.

Blockchain technology

The $24 million pizza

Our UK head of investment strategy looks at the recent interest in Bitcoin and questions whether it is the currency of the future.

Invest for Success

A short-term investment, with long-term wins

If you were given £100,000 to build and manage an investment portfolio, how well would it perform after six months?

Indices chart

Growth and value – an investor’s perspective

The value vs growth debate is not one that will easily be resolved, with strong views by proponents in either camp, writes One Magazine editor, Patrick Lawlor.
Yacht on ocean

Investing – why risk is required for reward

Private Client Wealth Manager, Patrick Duggan writes about the necessity of discipline for accomplishment, on pressing on when things get tough, and how this trait carries over to being a successful investor.
Emerging markets, emerging technologies

Emerging markets, emerging technologies

Investec's economic strategist, Chris Becker on investing directly in the emerging technologies of emerging economies.
Richard Thaler "The father of behavioural economics"

Can behavioural finance make you a better investor?

Practical examples on harnessing the concepts of behavioural finance to make better investment decisions.
Sunil Thakor

'The world is a scary place. For investors, that’s a good thing.'

Investment opportunity is about positioning yourself on the right side of change, says one of the world’s leading fund managers, Sunil Thakor.
Understanding cryptocurrencies

Podcast: Understanding the world of Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies

Part one of a three-part podcast series on the basics of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and blockchain.
The future of bitcoin

Podcast: The supply and future value of Bitcoin

In part two of our three-part podcast series on cryptocurrencies, we discuss bitcoin supply and demand, cryptocurrency security and regulations.
Bitcoin for business

Podcast: Bitcoin for business

In the final instalment of our three-part podcast series on cryptocurrencies, we look at whether bitcoin is fit for purpose for businesses to start using it on scale. 
Sunil Thakor

'Buy few, but buy the very best'

One of the leading global fund managers, Sunil Thakor, on the importance of "owning the leader", investing in emerging markets and finding opportunity in change.

Diversification vs diworsification

As investors we are often told things like "diversification is your only free lunch", but as Patrick Duggan writes, owning too may investments can confuse you, increase your investment cost, add layers of required due diligence and lead to below average risk-adjusted returns.
Silicon Valley

What do venture capitalists look for?

We chat with Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Adam Valkin about what it takes to be a venture capitalist as well what he looks for in entrepreneurs.