Important notification about your Investec deposits


Deposit Products and Services are no longer available from Investec Bank plc (Irish Branch). Investec Bank plc is a United Kingdom (UK) authorised entity and benefited from the UK’s membership of the European Union by way of a regulatory passport that allowed Investec’s Irish branch to provide certain banking services in Ireland.


With the likely withdrawal of the UK from the European Union, Investec gave notice of withdrawal from the Irish deposit market in November 2018.  All deposit and structured deposit accounts have now been closed or are held in Trust on behalf of account holders.


We have a dedicated Deposit Customer Team available to service enquiries and statement requests on closed accounts.  Please email our Deposit Customer Team on [email protected] alternatively please call +44 207 597 5015.


Paul Blosse

+ 44 207 597 5015 

Devin McHugh

+ 44 207 597 4384

Diane Gorgulho

+ 44 207 597 2898

Majella Salimi

+ 44 207 597 4246

Christopher Du Plessis

+ 44 207 597 3575