All address verification documents must:
  • Be valid
  • Reflect your name
  • Reflect your current physical street address
  • Be a clear scanned copy, electronic copy or a clear photograph of the original document
Where proof of address is in the name of:
  • Your spouse or partner, it must be accompanied by a marriage certificate, proof of marital
    contract or a co-habitation or joint address declaration from the named spouse or partner
  • Your parent or guardian, it must be accompanied by a co-habitation declaration and a copy of his/her SA ID or valid passport

If you have any queries or are unable to provide the requisite documents, please contact your Private Banker for assistance.

Document typeDocument issue dateDocument requirement
Bank statement / correspondenceLess than three months
  • Only acceptable from a bank operating from, or incorporated in, a Financial Action Task Force (FATF) member country
  • Must indicate an existing product relationship with the institution, excluding marketing material
  • If obtained from a bank directly, it must include the bank enquiries stamp
  • Please note that transaction history is not considered a bank statement
Expatriate declarationLess than three months
  • Letter on a company letterhead from the employer confirming employment, contract period (if not permanent) and address. Must be accompanied by a valid residency permit and/or work visa (template available, if required)
Insurance company contract or letterLess than one year
  • Must be on the letterhead of the insurance company
  • Letter or contract must confirm the existence of a long-term or short-term insurance policy
Lease or rental agreementMust be in date
  • Must be signed by you (tenant/lessee) and the landlord
  • If the lease has expired and the residential address is as per the lease, the terms must be reviewed to confirm that the lease allows for continued occupancy. Confirmation of occupancy must be obtained from the landlord/lessor
Levy certificate issued by a body corporate, home owners’ association or managing agentLess than three months
  • Applicable for properties in sectional title, cluster or share-block developments
  • Must be on the letterhead of the applicable body corporate, home owner’s association or managing agent
Mobile phone account or Telkom accountLess than three months
  • Mobile phone accounts only from South African mobile phone companies (eg MTN, Vodaphone, etc), the United Kingdom and Australia will be accepted
Utility billLess than three months
  • Can include pre-paid and metering services
Visitor’s (employee) declaration
Less than six months
  • Standard template must be used and completed in full as well as signed and dated by the person conducting the site visit