Wealth Management Winter 2018

After the unusually calm year in 2017, the widely-predicted return of volatility has probably been the key theme for 2018. Headlines around Brexit, and trade tensions (to name but two issues) have seen markets ebb and flow throughout the year.

The end result is that, at the time of writing, the global equity market is slightly higher in euro terms for the year-to-date.

As ever, we try to ensure that our clients remain focused on their long-term goals and don’t fall prey to the ‘short-termism’ that has afflicted private investors in the past. Most of the screaming headlines are just noise, which creates a lot of heat, but very little light. It is well-documented that those investors who can stay committed to their long-term plan will be well rewarded for their patience. 

In this edition we are delighted to feature the 20x20 initiative, which celebrates women’s sport in Ireland. Investec are proud to support 20x20, which sets a target of 20% more media coverage of women in sport, 20% more female participation and 20% more attendance at women’s competitions and events, all by 2020. On page 4, Investec’s Lisa Curtin discusses the campaign with Investec Brand Ambassador, professional golfer Stephanie Meadow.

Elsewhere, our Head of Investment Strategy Ian Quigley goes into some more detail on his previous topic of disruption on page 8; in particular, Ian highlights how we are expressing our views on disruption in client portfolios. Diversification is another cornerstone of our investment philosophy, and on page 26 Investec Wealth & Investment’s (IW&I) Conal Cremen discusses the phenomenon of ‘home bias’ and the danger that it represents to investors. Conal’s colleague in IW&I, Louise Savage, looks at the area of charity/not-for-profit investing, and the particular challenges faced by such organisations on page 20.

On page 22, our Head of Tax & Financial Planning Andrew Fahy urges us to take advantage of the down-time over the holidays to reflect on our overall financial plan. On page 34, our Head of Retirement Planning Joe Hanrahan talks about how sound advice can be a huge help in unpicking some of the seemingly impenetrable jargon around pensions. Also from our Financial Planning team, Brian Kingston discusses the benefits of broad-based financial planning on page 30.

On page 16 Investec Ireland’s Chief Economist Philip O’Sullivan shows us some reasons to be positive about the domestic economy as we go into 2019. On page 12 Frances Daniel from the Private Client Lending team (PCL) illustrates the capabilities that PCL have in terms of mortgages - particularly for returning ex-pats.

On page 36, Justin Doyle from Investec Treasury discusses the potential impact of Brexit on sterling, and what GBP-exposed Irish companies can do to mitigate their currency risk. I hope you find this edition an engaging read; as always, please get in touch with your questions, opinions and feedback.
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