Investec Mauritius Visa Platinum Debit Cards

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Investec Zebra
Investec Zebra

Access your funds anywhere in the world with an Investec Mauritius Visa Platinum Debit Card.

Whether you're an individual or corporate client, the card is designed to give you a convenient banking experience.

Key features

  • Acceptance at over 21 million international retail outlets
  • Cash withdrawals at any Visa ATM worldwide
  • Online shopping at your leisure
  • Chip and Pin technology for added security
  • Safety of not having to carry cash
  • Use of payWave / contactless transactions

Special touches

  • Additional cards for family and business associates
  • Multi-trip travel insurance
  • Crisis and response assistance
  • 24/7/365 expert support

Visa 3D Secure

Visa 3D Secure is a verification process which protects your card against unauthorised use when you shop online at participating retailers. As an Investec Mauritius Visa Platinum Debit Card cardholder, you will be automatically enrolled for Visa 3D Secure. To keep your transactions even more secure, we have implemented a challenge flow technology which uses SMS OTP and In App (OOB) authentication features.


In order to take full advantage of this feature, you would need to apply for online banking access and download the Investec app, where you will be able to receive In App notifications (biometrics will be used should this be active on your phone). When transacting online with participating retailers you will be given the choice to authenticate the transaction when processing a payment via SMS OTP or an In App (OOB) message.  If you are not setup to receive In App notifications you will only be given the option to authenticate via  SMS OTP’s.


Investec will however still decline high risk blacklisted sites automatically. Should your transaction be declined, and you want to continue with the transaction, you may call our 24/7/365 Client Support Centre on +230 207 4004 to assist you.

Card terms and conditions

Card charges

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