With a direct near real-time bank feed, Investec Account transactions flow seamlessly into Xero – reducing manual admin work and the risk of data entry errors.
Investec and Xero makes daily reconciliation a reality and allows you to see your business’s true financial position each business day.

It’s the simple, seamless and efficient solution you’ve been looking for in your business.

Xero Integration

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Stay on top of business

Keep track of funds coming and going out your account – providing you with an up-to-date picture of your business finances and cash flow.

Digital uploads

Goodbye to manual uploads

Simply connect your Investec account to Xero and set up a bank feed – transactions will automatically flow into Xero throughout the day.

You can select up to 12 months of historical transactions to feed into Xero when first setting this up.

Digital security

Best-in-class security

With Xero as a bank connection, you will have peace of mind that your bank transactions are secure – with two-factor authentication as a protocol.

The shared data and connection are secure in accordance with PoPI regulations and stringent Investec standards.

Quick facts

Xero is a robust online accounting solution designed for business. Connecting your Investec accounts allows you a real-time view of cashflow.

The benefits

Simple, seamless and efficient

  • Direct integration between your bank accounts and accounting software
  • Automatic feed of banking transactions every day
  • Easy to set up, change or cancel your banking connection to Xero
  • Flexibility in selecting the Xero organisations and accounts you want to link to your Investec accounts
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Get support


Our global Client Support Centre is available 24/7/365 to assist you with the connection to Xero.

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Download Investec's data integration terms and conditions PDF 109.05 KB
Download Xero's frequently asked questions PDF 349.6 KB


Watch our instructional videos

Connecting to Xero

Delinking accounts

Create new Xero account

Disconnect organisation

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For a business owner or entrepreneur, integrated accounting software makes it easier for you to manage your money, time and future – you always have accurate visibility of your cashflow to make the right insights and financial decisions.