Investec Listed Redeemable Preference Shares


Lady's hands seen working on tablet and laptop
Lady's hands seen working on tablet and laptop

Investec’s listed redeemable preference shares are ideal investment instruments for both corporate and individual investors seeking a high after-tax return and added capital protection.

The returns generated by the preference shares are prime linked fixed income type instruments with high levels of liquidity.

Our listed redeemable preference shares yield 57% of prime. A comparable interest-bearing investment would have to yield 8.50% for individuals and 8.11% for corporate investors to outperform the returns offered by our listed redeemable preference shares.

Tharina Bennie-van Dyk, Investec Preference Shares

Change the way you invest.

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Contact us for more information

Tharina Bennie-van Dyk

Head: Preference shares

Jason Merrifield

Preference Shares

Linda Omara-Koledade

Preference Shares

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