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The importance of continuous innovation in business is now more important than ever. Companies cannot afford to fall into a routine when it comes to the latest market developments and this is particularly true when it comes to the import sector.


Effectively managing the import process, and associated finance component, within the overall supply chain cycle can go a long way to saving businesses money, endless frustrations, delays and negative implications. 


But, what options do you have as a business, especially when you are battling both local competitors and cheaper international ones? How easy is it to comply with a myriad of regulations and processes?


This is where finding the right partner becomes a critical step.

Working capital to help you grow

Investec Import Solutions will help free your working capital by financing your goods as well as the import forwarding and clearing costs.

A simple solution of managed debt can be a more cost-effective form of financing your shipping requirements – giving you just the right working capital to get that shipment off the ground. Stable and well-established businesses have both the assets to borrow against, as well as the cash flow to service the loans, so managed debt financing can make real business sense.

In fact, managed debt can be one of the most cost-effective forms of financing available to a growing business. A stable and established company that has both assets to borrow against and the cash flow to service the loans can use this form of debt strategically.

In the past, many of our clients might have used an overdraft facility or some other type of debt structure. Today, more clients make use of trade financiers as we are able to grant additional finance based on their stock value and make quick decisions together, based on the strength of the rand. What this all translates into is an increased stock turn – businesses that were bringing in stock three times a year are now bringing in stock four to five times a year. This ultimately improves profitability.

Investec Import Solutions also offer payment terms that will match your cash flow cycle closely. This means you receive a completely outsourced import strategy that not only delivers on all your specific logistical requirements, but also supports your growth.

Investec Import Solutions removes the complexities associated with imports and leverages our economies of scale to ensure competitive rates and cost savings.

Change the way you import

The import process is not an easy one. From not having sight of products throughout the supply chain to being concerned about landed costs, import tariffs and the impact it all can have on cash flow, businesses often feel intimidated. Yet, this does not have to be the case. Using a single provider in the import process can mean the difference between maintaining effective business growth or stagnating due to these external factors

Investec Import Solutions offer you one point of contact in the import process – from placing, confirming and tracking your order, to the hedging of foreign exchange risk and the management of import logistics, until final delivery to your warehouse. At this point, we provide a single invoice consolidating the total landed rand cost per item, effectively becoming a local supplier of your imported product. We remove the administration and complexities associated with the import process and leverage our economies of scale to ensure competitive rates and potential cost savings.

The SA market is ripe with opportunity

In a resource constrained economy, greater visibility of the strategic management of the import supply chain will open up massive growth possibilities for importers. More visibility also means less risk and better forecasting. Not only can it reduce costs, but it also provides for better monitoring and control of the state of the business strategy – much needed in the current business landscape. 

Let us assist you

As an import industry specialist with over a decade of experience, Investec Import Solutions provide fully integrated import solutions through bespoke systems and patented processes.


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