Commercial Rooftop Solar Funding

Niche asset finance specialist offering tailor made turnkey financial solutions to suit cash flow requirements

Solar energy panels on a field

Value proposition

Investec Supplier Finance looks to partner with premium vendors, re-sellers and installers of solar PV systems in order to  provide funding solutions to their corporate and comercial end - user customers either through a term loan or finance lease. 

We also deal directly with corporate and commercial clients who wish to pursue solar PV projects on their own. 


Turnkey financing solution

Providing structured finance solutions based on our client's individual circumstances.

Avoid upfront capital outlay

By making use of our funding solution you can avoid the significant and prohibitive upfront capital expenditure. 

Sculpted repayments to suit your cash flow

Rather pay for the solar PV system over time, your repayment profile can be matched to the available electricity savings generated. 





  • Creation of asset base through ownership of Solar PV
  • Additional source of revenue/cost saving
  • Long useful life of solar PV assets
  • Increased marketability or property
  • Reduced enviromental impact
  • Tax benefits, up to 100% tax write-off in year 1

Financing options

  • Financing lease
  • Term loans

Both the above financing options can be sculpted. 


Commercial Rooftop Solar Funding -Infographic