Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the role of a financial adviser?

    A financial adviser helps you plan and achieve your personal and financial goals. A financial adviser’s duties include providing proactive, objective financial advice around the products and instruments that can benefit you.

  • What are the benefits of a financial adviser?

    A financial adviser can help you:
    • Create a spending and savings strategy to secure your financial future
    • Become more tax-smart and efficient
    • Make better investments that are optimised for your unique financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance
    • Gain expert knowledge and advice to guide your financial journey
    • Provide integrated convenient financial services, including retirement planning and estate planning

    With the support of a financial planner, you can make smarter decisions about how you manage your money and achieve your goals.

  • Do I need a financial adviser?

    Without in-depth knowledge of the world of finance and investments, it can be tough to ensure you are as financially efficient as you could be. A financial adviser can help fill this gap, guiding you in your decision-making and providing a clear roadmap toward financial wisdom and wellness.

  • Why is financial knowledge important?

    Good financial knowledge empowers you to make better decisions when you budget, invest and take on debt, ultimately saving you money and improving your ability to meet your immediate and long-term financial objectives.

    Get expert tips, strategies, trends, and more to make your money work for you by tuning in to the Investec In conversation for young professionals video and podcast series. 

  • When should retirement planning begin?

    Even if you start small, you should start planning and saving for retirement in your 20s, as this gives your money more time to grow and helps you leverage compound interest to achieve your goals. Unit trusts, shares, and equity funds are excellent instruments to help you plan for retirement in South Africa.

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Investec Life was made for you, not only for payouts on death, but with generous living benefits focused on helping you defy the odds and recover from illness or injury.


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