We’ve all heard of the Five Love Languages. It outlines five ways to express and experience love – receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service or devotion, and physical touch.

But the way you spend your money also says something about your individual approach to earning, spending and saving your hard-earned cash.

Do you recognise your money language?

1. The spend-o-holic

You see money as a means to an end, and you want to buy everything you see, need, want and simply ‘must have’.

Self-control is optional, you are easily tempted, and saving is not on your radar at all. Your credit card limit is more a target than a feature. You go to the mall to buy a sensible pair of pants and arrive home with expensive new shoes, this season’s hottest jacket, a new couch and a puppy.

2. The entertainer

Money funds your lifestyle, it fuels the experiences you crave. It’s a means to an end. You like to spoil friends and family with night outs, gifts, lavish lunches and extravagant holidays. You know the best places to see and be seen. In short, you like to be the enabler of fun. And, you often utter the words “Champagne for everyone!’ You lend money to people without much thought or expectation of return.

3. The worrywart

Your ‘what if?’ approach to money makes you anxiously gaze into the future constantly. You ponder your children’s education, the value of the rand and the next household disaster lurking around the corner. You hold onto your money, investing some, but keeping most of it close at hand in your bank account for those unexpected and unplanned events.

4. The super saver

You think of yourself as frugal, while your family just refers to you as ‘cheap’. Every purchase you make is carefully researched, priced and compared. You shop at 70% sales and the words ‘discount’ or a ‘complimentary voucher’ make your day. You firmly believe in re-using and recycling. Spoils such as a manicure or a new watch are a rare indulgence.

5. The happy medium

You have a healthy approach to your income. You have a budget you stick to as much as possible and make choices with a longer-term mindset.  You have balance between enjoying your money and putting away just enough for savings, investments and long-term goals.

Typically, you don’t spend before you earn. You have a three-month emergency fund, but you will dip into it if your favourite band comes to town or if you get the chance to travel with friends.

We speak your language

Whatever your money language, an Investec Private Bank Account for young professionals offers you the flexibility, transparency and digital tools you need to get the most of your hard-earned money.

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