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11 Oct 2018

92 places you can visit without a travel visa with your SA passport

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Do you know which countries you can visit as a South African without a visa? Our infographic shows you almost 100 destinations you can visit visa free or with a visa on entry.

And with Travel by Investec, a specialist travel agency available to Private Banking clients, you can arrange all your travel needs for the best experience

Why spend lots of time (and money) waiting for a travel visa? We’ve put together the best list on visa-free and visa-on-entry destinations – all you have to do is book, fly and smile!

Curveball, with Investec brand ambassador Maps Maponyane and Koshiek Karan, former investment banker, entrepreneur and co-founder of Banker X discuss your first career milestones as a young professional.

Countries that SA passport holders can access without a visa

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