Sunil Thakor

20 Oct 2017

'Buy few, but buy the very best'

He only owns 30 stocks but is one of the leading global fund managers. Talking at the recent Investec Wealth Forum, hosted by Investec Wealth & Investment in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Sunil Thakor, MD of Sands Capital Management, highlighted the importance of "owning the leader".

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“The world might be a scary place, but for investors, that’s a good thing, because it means there are opportunities to identify growth companies that can become sustainable leaders in their field. As long as change remains a constant, investment opportunities will always arise.”


This is according to Sunil Thakor, one of eighteen global investment leaders whose funds are included in Investec’s World Axis Fund of Funds.


In this absorbing presentation, Sunil takes us on a whirlwind tour of opportunities across the globe: from the two-wheeler industry in India to convenience stores in Thailand and e-commerce in China. He uses these examples to illustrate some of the keys to finding growth in diverse industries and markets.


Sunil Thakor on growth investing


"We’re always asking ourselves: how big can this company get? As growth investors what we are looking for are businesses that can sustainably grow their earnings over time."

Investec Wealth Forum
Top global fund managers discuss their investment approach

Investec Wealth Forum: Watch leading global investment managers Sunil Thakor and Dave Iben talk about growth vs value investing and where they see opportunities in a turbulent world.

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