Developed Markets Accelerator

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The Developed Markets Accelerator is an offshore investment opportunity which references developed equity markets, giving investors diversified exposure to top international companies. Applications close on 24 April 2023.


Summary of offering

Enhanced return potential

The product will return the growth of the index basket multiplied by a participation of 150%, with index growth capped at minimum of 38%** Therefore, the maximum return is 57% in USD (150% x 38%) which is equal to an annualized return of 9.4%. 

Capital preservation

100% capital protection at maturity in USD***


Term to maturity

5-year investment with the potential to exit the investment early in normal market conditions. Applications close on 24 April 2023.


Minimum investment

USD 12,000


GBP 11,000


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Documents to download

Developed Markets Accelerator - Frequently Asked Questions PDF 1.25 MB
Developed Markets Accelerator - Brochure PDF 3.09 MB
Developed Markets Accelerator - Individual application form PDF 1.49 MB
Developed Markets Accelerator - Trusts application form PDF 1.83 MB
Developed Markets Accelerator - Entities application form PDF 1.8 MB

Developed Markets Accelerator


*The Developed Markets Accelerator will be the 3rd offering within Britannic Opportunities Limited. This will replace the 2nd offering which expires on 24-April-2023.

**The index growth cap is dependent on market conditions on trade date (the current conservative cap is 38%). Britannic Opportunities Limited reserves the right to trade a minimum index growth cap of 33% if required by market conditions on trade date.  

***The investor’s capital, in US dollars, is protected if the investment is held to maturity. Structured products provide principal protection through the assumption of credit risk. They are intended for sophisticated investors who understand and accept the risks associated. In this case, capital protection is achieved by buying credit linked notes which will mature at 100% of investors’ capital. The notes are issued by Morgan Stanley and they reference the subordinated debtof three credit reference entities in equal proportions (33.3% each), namely Lloyds Banking Group PLC, Standard Chartered PLC, and Natwest Group PLC. Principal protection is preserved to the extent that the issuer continues to honour any outstanding obligations and the reference entities do not experience a credit event such as a default. The issuer and the credit reference entities are all large, international banks with investment grade ratings.

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