Share portfolio management

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Share portfolio management for intermediaries
Share portfolio management for intermediaries

We handle the management of shares and multi-asset class mandates, both domestic and international, to help you realise your clients’ investment goals.

A broad, transparent offering

We have a wide range of equity and multi-asset class (including regulation 28 compliant) segregated mandates, tailor-made for your clients based on their specific needs. Whether using voluntary or retirement savings, portfolios are transparent and are offered via asset management platforms and directly.

Research-driven decision making

Our portfolio managers and analysts have thorough local and international market and industry experience. Investment decisions are based on analysis of in-depth research. Our assumptions are tested against contrary views – all for your clients’ benefit.

A global investment process

Our rigorous investment process draws on our expertise in the UK, South Africa, Ireland and Switzerland. A global strategy team determines the overall positioning and how much risk we take on, while regional asset allocation teams determine the best mix of asset classes and sectors.

Browse our actively managed portfolios and funds for intermediaries and their clients

Domestic Investments

Long-Term Growth Portfolio PDF 1.72 MB
Managed High Equity Portfolio PDF 506.6 KB
Managed High Equity Portfolio with Offshore PDF 701.24 KB
Managed Medium Equity Portfolio PDF 619.0 KB
Managed Medium Equity Portfolio with Offshore PDF 716.0 KB
Managed Low Equity Portfolio PDF 598.67 KB
Managed Low Equity Portfolio with Offshore PDF 695.43 KB
Progressive Yield Portfolio PDF 303.47 KB
Opportunities Portfolio PDF 574.89 KB
Listed Property Portfolio PDF 301.97 KB
Investec Stable Portfolio for Charities PDF 1.68 MB
Investec Growth Portfolio for Charities PDF 1.69 MB

Offshore Investments

Global Balanced Portfolio (USD) PDF 616.56 KB
Global Growth Portfolio (USD) PDF 606.07 KB
Global Leaders Portfolio PDF 1.66 MB
Cautious Fund PDF 1.58 MB
Core Fund PDF 1.58 MB
Flexible Fund PDF 1.58 MB
Global Equity Fund PDF 1.58 MB
Global Leaders Fund PDF 1.57 MB

Retirement Portfolio

Balanced High Equity Portfolio PDF 1.85 MB
Balanced High Equity Portfolio including Offshore PDF 2.39 MB
Balanced Medium Equity Portfolio PDF 1.85 MB
Balanced Medium Equity Portfolio including Offshore PDF 1.86 MB
Balanced Low Equity Portfolio PDF 1.84 MB
Balanced Low Equity Portfolio including Offshore PDF 1.85 MB

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Ewan Naude, Intermediary Services head

We focus on delivering excellent performance on your clients’ share portfolios so you can focus on your service to them.

total experience of the South African Investment Team
Service built around you and your clients

The service you give your clients is key to your success. We offer you our full support, whether in generating returns or keeping you up to date when it comes to strategy and portfolio changes – all so you can focus on giving the best service to your clients.

Scale and experience

As the largest private client manager in South Africa and one of the largest in the UK, you will  benefit from our scale and experience across different geographies, combined with access to expert local and global perspectives.


minimum investment


total South African assets under management


total UK, European and Asian assets under management

Actively managing your portfolio

Active investing enables you to take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise. This is how we can deliver benchmark-beating returns.

The importance of diversification

A well-diversified portfolio is one of the best ways to protect against shocks in global markets. This is why we invest in shares, sectors and geographies with performances that don’t correlate with one another.

Local and global portfolios

We offer local and offshore managed segregated portfolios, as well as offshore collective investment schemes.

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