Investec Specialist Investments is the specialist investment manager of Investec. We leverage off Investec Bank's origination, structuring, and trading expertise to create specialised investment opportunities housed in fund format. Each of our funds focuses on our specialist competitive capabilities, from equity structured products to private credit markets to dividend-yielding preference shares.


The collective number of years of alternatives investment experience that our two fund managers, Glen Copans and Braam van Heerden, share


The amount of money you would have if you invested R100 into the ALSI in 1998, remained invested for 20 years and if you removed the ten worst performing months


The amount of money you would have if you invested R100 into the ALSI in1998 and remained invested for 20 years, riding through every up and every down

What is Investec Specialist Investments?

"By leveraging off Investec Bank’s origination, structuring, and trading capabilities, investors get access to investments that are not correlated to traditional asset classes."

Glen Copans - Investec Specialist Investments

Specialist Investments Products:

ISI BCI Enhanced Income Fund



Suitable for investors with a short to medium-term investment horizon who require an alternative to traditional enhanced cash offerings.

ISI BCI Protected Equity Fund

Suitable for investors with a medium to longer-term investment horizon who require participation in the equity market whilst limiting losses in extreme negative markets. 

Hedge Funds

Watch Glen Copans unpack our hedge funds and specialist investments

Meet the Specialist Investments team

Braam Van Heerden


Glen Copans

CFA, Honors in Financial Management (Cum Laude)

Ruth Forssman

CAIA, BComm (Hons) Econometrics (cum laude)

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