Invest through our exchange traded notes and gain access to markets and strategies usually limited to institutional type investors and traders.

Top40 TR2

Trade with an exchange traded note that gives you exposure to the FTSE/JSE Africa total return Index.


Invest with an exchange traded note that gives you exposure to assets of SA's top companies.


The US Dollar exchange traded note is an inward listed product traded on the JSE. 

Inward listed ETNs

Name Underlying Share NAV (ZAR) Listing information 
TOPTR2 FTSE/JSE Africa Top40 Total Return Index 97.22 Factsheet
SWXTR2 FTSE/JSE Shareholder Weighted Top40 Total Return Index 214.98 Factsheet
IBLTEN Tencent Holidings Limited 1037.37 Pricing Supplement

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