Drawn by the allure of social media and other connected services, we readily trade our personal data for utility and convenience. But make no mistake: data is precious. We need to be sure it's in safe hands, even when those hands are our own.

Is there a secret to not being hacked?

It's a more human problem than you might think

Is there a secret to not being hacked?

It's a more human problem than you might think

  • Transcript: Is there a secret to not being hacked?

    Most of us assume that hackers use complex code to break into our devices and accounts.

    The truth is far less glamorous.

    Hacking has more to do with our bad online habits than it does with Hollywood’s version of gifted computer geeks.

    It’s known as social engineering, and it’s used to deceive people like you and I into doing things online that we might not ordinarily do.

    You’ve surely heard of phishing emails or messenger apps that reroute you to log in screens designed to capture our credentials?

    It’s hard to hear, and still harder to admit that each of us willingly leaves our proverbial back door open for the bad guys.

    We fall for scams, hand over our details to any and all, and use the same passwords on multiple accounts.

    When it comes right down to it, being hacked is a fundamentally human problem.

    One that you have the power to change.

Where does my digital footprint lead?

As we venture into the online world, are we aware of the digital trail we leave in our wake?

  • Transcript: Where does my digital footprint lead?

    Research tells us that an incident of identity fraud happens every two seconds.

    Hardly surprising considering how fast and loose we play with our information.

    There was a time when we’d hesitate to give people our home telephone numbers, and yet today, we willingly disclose exactly where we are, who we’re dating and which political party we’re voting for.

    Perhaps we’d feel a little less comfortable if an audience of thousands we so freely broadcast to was standing right in front of us.

    There’s a certain unfounded comfort that we get from sitting behind a computer screen.

    And it’s precisely that sense of security that identity thieves rely on to catch us off guard.

    Remember that every click, every keystroke, every like adds to a trail of footprints that lead directly to your front door.

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