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That’s why we’ve designed a Severe Illness Cover product that looks after you, with benefits that are comprehensive and easy to understand.

Our approach is simple: when you need us, we have you covered, even offering financial protection against future unknown diseases. That’s what life insurance made for you is all about.

*You do not need to purchase a policy, but you need to reach the final offer page to qualify for the Rewards points.

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What is severe illness cover?

When it comes to major illnesses such as cancer, heart conditions and strokes, there are many costs involved with diagnosis, treatment, and getting your life back on track. Severe illness cover protects you financially against a range of conditions. It pays you a lump sum on diagnoses of a severe illness, and helps you cover those costs that do not fall under your medical aid, such as some advanced high-cost treatments, travel costs to get to a specialist clinic, rehabilitation and lifestyle adjustments - e.g. voluntarily taking time off work.

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Why do I need severe illness cover?

The incidence of severe illness is unfortunately on the increase, and they often don’t only have a major impact on your health, but also your finances. The good news is the survival rates from these illnesses are high if one catches them early enough and gets the right treatment. So, with careful planning, you can easily overcome the associated financial challenges and live a life with fewer limits.

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Partner with Investec Life

Severe illness cover is a complex field. That’s why it’s important to partner with an insurer who provides you cover that is flexible, comprehensive, and adapts to your needs. So, no matter what the future holds, you’ll be well prepared.

Made for you

Severe Illness Cover from Investec Life was designed by consulting with medical specialists to ensure that you are comprehensively covered, should anything happen to you.


Our Severe Illness Cover automatically protects you against unknown future illnesses, so you can keep many of life’s possibilities open.


You get cover for early-stage cancers (pre-cancerous cells or stage 0 cancer), promoting early detection and allowing for early treatment.


A tiered benefit payout allows for multiple payouts in line with the progression of an illness. Multiple payouts for other conditions are available.


It’s available as a standalone product (without Life cover), ensuring that you can get cover for what you need, making things simpler and more flexible for you.

Let's talk

We use technology to make things easy without losing the essential human connection that is part of the distinctive experience you expect when partnering with us.

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