Investec Derby Festival

Ladies’ Day

The world’s greatest flat race

The Investec Derby Festival, forged from passion, energy and stamina, stands out in our prestigious sponsorship portfolio. 2020 marks our twelfth year as title sponsor.

An event like no other

Ladies’ Day sees exhilarating racing, open only to fillies, alongside glamour, high fashion and sumptuous hospitality. Enjoy the jubilant atmosphere in the stands and on the hill, while two Class 1 races are decided on the course. 

What to wear

Ladies do not have to wear a hat or fascinator, but the majority choose to. Gentlemen are asked to wear a jacket, collar and tie. For the avoidance of doubt, denim, sportswear and trainers are not acceptable.

To be successful you need passion, energy and stamina to go the distance. These are the values that drive extraordinary performance, both in sport and in our business.

Lessons from Derby leaders

To win the Derby you must learn from your experiences and others around you, drawing on their expertise and knowledge to create something Out of the Ordinary. The greatest chance of success is when you adapt your approach to fit the situation you face.

Crucial Derby moments

Reputation takes years to build, but can be destroyed in an instant. The importance of grasping those moments of opportunity, when the good become the great and the also-rans become the success stories told for years to come, cannot be underestimated.

Stories of success

No one remembers who finishes second. The Investec Derby is all about winning. But it's not just about being bigger or stronger, it's how you use intelligence to find those tiny points of difference that help you rise above the competition.