• Who can apply to the Venture Builder?

    The Venture Builder is open to all Investec SA staff, regardless of division or role.

  • What happens if the venture fails? Will I lose my job?

    Given the risk and challenges of starting a business, we anticipate that a certain percentage of ventures will fail. In this context, we don’t see failure in a negative light, but rather as a learning experience. If the venture doesn’t work out, you’ll be able to return to a role within Investec at the same salary.

  • Will I be prejudiced if I apply and my idea is not accepted?

    No. We encourage business ideas to be submitted, while also recognising that not all ideas will be accepted.

  • Where will I sit?

    We’ll create a dedicated space alongside the IPI team for successful candidates, allowing you to completely focus on building the business.

  • Who else will I be working with and who will I report to?

    You’ll need to form a team (not more than two people) as part of your business plan, and the head of the Investec Principal Investments division will oversee this process.

  • How does the incentive programme work?

    You will retain your current salary and will be eligible for a discretionary bonus depending on performance out of an EVA pool for the team which will be negotiated upfront. We will also take into account timing around when leaving your current role and developing the new business.

  • Who owns the Intellectual Property of the idea and the resulting business that is launched?

    Investec will own all IP in every instance.

  • Do I have to come into the office if I am accepted onto the Venture Builder programme?

    The exact same work principles that currently apply to Investec employees regarding employment terms will apply to the Venture Builder programme.

  • Can a team apply?

    Yes. Initial team sizes should be limited to two people, as you will be given the opportunity to build out a team as part of the Venture Builder process.

  • What does the presentation and video need to include?

    As part of your submission, you will need to submit a questionnaire and a PowerPoint pitch deck. You can find a template presentation here.

For more information or further questions on the Investec Venture Builder please contact us by emailing Venture.Builder@investec.co.za.

* The application page is not accessible on mobile as it is locked and only available to Investec employees. To submit a pitch please access this part of the site on your laptop or PC.